What to Look For in a Good Probate Attorney

In case of the unfortunate death of a close loved one, the question of who inherits what raises countless confusions, especially if the deceased failed to maintain an updated estate planning regimen.

If their will doesn’t name an executor, if you’re the personal representative or named executor or if you believe that the existing executor isn’t reliable or doing a good job, you should immediately look into hiring a probate lawyer.

How Does A Probate Attorney Help?

As a state-licensed lawyer, a probate attorney helps identify assets and makes the transfer of ownership process smoother, quicker, easier, and more efficient by using their ample knowledge and experience to ensure all documents required by the court are filed correctly and on time.

Legal processes at the probate court can be long but also grueling because, along with complex financial matters, you will also be sharing personal differences with a probate attorney.

While you’re not obligated to use the lawyer who drew up the deceased’s will, choose a lawyer to represent the estate by employing the one you’re comfortable with.

Here are some ways to select appropriate probate lawyers.

Choosing the Right Probate Attorney


Connect with attorney disciplinary agencies to check their information, such as undergrad law school, references, practicing, and more information that will give you an idea about their standing.

References or peer reviews are significant indicators to objectify whether the lawyer is professional, ethical and is eligible to fight and win estate planning cases or determine ones that require trust attorneys.

Ability to Handle Unique Circumstances

Since all probate cases aren’t similar, it’s crucial to choose a lawyer that possesses extensive experience and the skill set needed to handle particular circumstances.

For example, if the estate is worth millions, the lawyer should be able to guide you about tax planning, or if the said estate is spread over more than one state, your lawyer needs to have a valid license to practice your case in those states.

Compliance, Competence, and Communication

While most probate cases are relatively more straightforward, you should still ensure your lawyer is competent enough to handle any unusual issues that might crop up. Also, pay close attention to whether the lawyer communicates clearly, without using fancy legal terms or hesitating to walk you through the process with clarification.

Knowledge and experience about probate cases are essential, but it’s equally important to choose an attorney who respects your time, money, and someone you’re comfortable with.

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Whether you want help in tax planning, bankruptcy, business planning, living trusts, or anything related to estate planning and family law, our lawyers have the expertise and impeccable personal skills to represent your case efficiently in the most cost-effective manner.

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