The True Cost of Estate Planning

Estate PlanningA very common question new estate planning clients will often ask is – why should I work with an attorney.

Why would I pay more if I can get the same thing online, or work with discount estate planning services? A good question that needs to be addressed.

First, in my opinion, the work a family will do to craft an appropriate and effective estate plan is the most important legal work they will ever do. It is absolutely imperative that the plan be crafted properly and that clients absolutely understand what they are doing. To get this done properly, a knowledgeable attorney that can explain the infinite options available to the client, and to help clients make good decisions is more than essential, it’s critical.

Just as important is creating a relationship with a trusted attorney that will be there to help you and your family when questions arise or when the inevitable crisis comes. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you always have a firm of knowledgeable attorneys by your side, ready and willing to help you on a moment’s notice cannot be overstated.

There is no doubt that working with good attorneys costs money. But think about it – if you were sick, would you be looking for the cheapest doctor? Wouldn’t you want optimal care? Your estate plan is what will keep your family out of court, will protect your assets for your loved ones, and will make the transition after death as easy as possible. With work this important, shouldn’t you get representation?

Attorney’s cost more, but a good attorney is worth every penny.

This is attorney James Kalicki of the law firm Kalicki Collier where our attorneys collaborate and innovate to help you succeed. Contact us today.

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