Tips to Keep Your Business Out of Court

Read your contract.Most business owners try to conduct business in a fair and honest way. But no matter how hard we try, eventually every business owner encounters a situation where a customer or a vendor is not happy. Today I would like to share with you some tips on how to keep your business out of the court system when problems arise.

First, have a problem solvers attitude

Even before problem arises, keep your eyes and ears open for potential problems and address them as soon as they are discovered. Remember, the ostrich defense never works.

Next, when a problem arises, evaluate the magnitude of the problem and its potential cost to your business. If its no big deal, take care of it. If its potentially big, get your attorneys involved immediately.

Probably most important, talk to the other party and find out what they think the problem may be. Can the problem be cured? And if not, is the other party willing to negotiate? If the solution is reasonable to both, litigation can be avoided and that is almost always good for both parties.

Don’t admit defeat too soon

Oftentimes it is way too easy to fall on the sword and tell the other party “it is all our fault.” Unfortunately, many times this comment is made before you have had a chance to investigate what really happened. Before you say anything, you should perform an investigation to find out what really happened. There is always plenty of time to admit you did something wrong, but you should not admit anything until you know the facts.

Resolve it Quickly

Lastly, work to resolve problems as quickly as possible. Don’t let small problems grow into big problems.

Of course, if you find that you need legal help, the attorneys at Kalicki Collier are always here help you find good, practical solutions and hopefully keep you out of court. This is Jamie Kalicki of Kalicki Collier. For all of your estate and business planning needs, its Kalicki Collier. If you’d like to discuss this topic further, contact us today.

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