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Probate is the formal legal method of recognizing a person’s will (or last will and testament), paying debts and distributing assets to beneficiaries. If the deceased does not have a will, Nevada statutes provide an order of preference for relatives who are then considered beneficiaries.

Importance of Probate:

  • Assigning power to an executor to carry out your wishes
  • Executor has the ability to pay outstanding debts and taxes
  • Executor can distribute assets according to the terms of your will
  • Protect your family from stress by detailing a clear will

Last Will

It is important to designate an executor so that your wishes will be carried out according to your will.

By detailing how you would like your assets distributed when you are gone, eliminates any complications. After your passing, your family will be grieving, and dealing with financial issues will be the last thing on their minds. Work with our experienced probate attorneys today and help your family avoid additional pain after you pass.

Avoid Probate Court By Planning

Avoiding probate court is by far the most important estate planning goal of many of our clients.

Nevertheless, sometimes people die without estate plans and when they do, the probate court is there to help marshal their assets to their creditors and loved ones.

Probate Attorney in Reno, NV

When probate court is necessary, the attorneys at Kalicki Collier have vast experience dealing with probate matters and the probate court system.

When things aren’t moving as smoothly as they should, our firm offers representation to executors and personal representatives as well as beneficiaries.

For more information give us a call on (775) 204-0600 or fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your options.

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