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If so, you should speak to Mark Goodman, Esq. our patent and trademark expert. Mr. Goodman helps fellow entrepreneurs with patents, trademarks, contracts, and other legal work they need to protect their most value asset: “their ideas.”

His clients will tell you that he is friendly, approachable, responsive, and even make the process fun for clients. Clients receive top notch advice and top quality work without having to contribute to the opulent overhead of many big law firms. Our location in Reno, Nevada helps us keep costs at a moderate level compared to firms located in the Bay Area or another major city. Nearly all fees for patent/trademark work are fixed rather than hourly.

Mr. Goodman holds a science bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and started his career as a research scientist, so he is very comfortable digging into the details of your technology when necessary. Mr. Goodman puts in the effort necessary to fully my clients’ inventions and business strategy.

Initial consultations for patent / trademark mattes are FREE for the first half hour. There is a steeply discounted charge of $95 if the conversation goes on up to an hour.

If you are new to patents and trademarks, we have provided some general information about them below. You should also check out the following YouTube video links wherein Mr. Goodman provides an introduction to patents and trademarks.

Patent Laws

Patents help individuals and business protect new useful ideas

Thomas Edison was awarded over 1000 patents. Steve Jobs has 313 patents to his name. Patents can be awarded on almost anything that is both novel and useful. Patents may be granted on mechanical devices, electronics, processes, business methods, industrial designs, chemical and biotech invention, computer software and more. If you have an invention and you are serious about turning it into revenue, you should consider patent protection.

A patent is a very powerful right. A patent holder can literally get a court to order an infringing company to shut down production of an infringing product. Unfortunately, applying for a patent can be a long and complex process that is very difficult to navigate.

You must file a patent application before you take your new product to market or very early in the process or else you can lose your patent rights. It is also important that the patent application be written well or else competitors might be able to get around it.

Trademark Law

Chapter 11 bankruptcy generally provides for reorganization, usually involving a business.

Trademarks are the legal protection for your brand. Trademark law benefits consumers by allowing them to quickly identify and select goods and services that they trust. When I walk into a Starbucks® location, I don’t have to worry about what the coffee will taste like or what kind of service to expect. I trust the brand. Imagine if anyone could call his coffee house “Starbucks”. This would be very confusing and frustrating for consumers. As well, these other coffee houses would be ripping off the goodwill Starbucks® has built. Think about what would happen if opened up a competing business with the same name as yours!

Trademarks are often a company’s most valuable assets. Forbes magazine recently valued Google’s trademark at $44.3 Billion. Yet, many businesses fail to get good trademark advice and take the right steps to protect their brands. If you are in business you should consider obtaining trademark protection for your company name, the name of any particular product you offer, any important logos that you use, and any important marketing “tag lines”.

A federally registered trademark can be a very valuable intellectual property asset. If you currently produce or intend to produce a product, provide a service or operate a web site on the internet, you should consider applying for and obtaining a federal trademark.

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