Litigation Lawyers in Reno

Legal disputes often cause major financial and emotional effects on those involved.

At Kalicki Collier, we understand the importance of resolving disputes in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible. Our attorneys at Kalicki Collier have decades of experience in litigation representing individuals and businesses.

Whether it is resolving a dispute through negotiation, or through aggressive litigation, we have the attorneys and staff to meet the needs of our existing clients and those who call on us for the first time.

Business & Commercial Litigation

Kalicki Collier stands ready to handle any commercial litigation matter

From breach of contract, to complex matters involving partnership disputes and intellectual property. We deal with corporate litigation matters including fiduciary duties with officers and directors, shareholder derivative actions, and creditors’ rights. We prosecute and defend business and corporate clients in matters ranging from the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to claims involving unfair business practices, unfair competition, and interference with contractual relations.

Real Estate Litigation

Kalicki Collier’s real estate litigation lawyers practice extends from landlord-tenant disputes to complex commercial torts

Kalicki Collier’s real estate litigation lawyers practice extends from landlord-tenant disputes regarding option agreements and purchase and sales agreements, to complex commercial torts involving financial high stakes and multiple parties in a dispute. We also handle issues related to premises liability, property insurance subrogation, and real estate construction.

Trust & Probate Litigation

Kalicki Collier, a group of Litigation Lawyers in Reno represents beneficiaries who have been in disputed estate, trust, and probate litigation matters

We represent trustees accused of “breach of fiduciary duty” or other wrongdoing, as well as beneficiaries harmed by negligent or dishonest fiduciaries.

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