Estate Planning in Reno, Nevada

For most clients, estate planning in the city of Reno, Nevada, is the most important work they will ever do. This means that the most important phone call you could make will be to your Reno Estate Planning Attorney.

Estate planning is not just about avoiding taxes and the probate court—to a large extent it’s a plan for you and your loved ones as you retire and eventually pass away. The focus needs to be on your family. Being well-informed of the estate planning laws and legal processes in Reno is an important step toward protecting what is yours, and handing it over as smoothly as possible once you have passed away.

Protect your Assets

Protect your Estate

Protect your Family

Indeed, the most important gift you can give to your family is not just stuff, it is allowing them to survive your death with their relationships intact and your assets protected from creditors and predators. A Reno Estate Planning Attorney can help you draft an effective Will and Testament that ensures your last wishes and your family’s well-being are both dutifully attended to. The greatest gift Kalicki Collier can give you is the peace of mind knowing your family is protected by Nevada’s estate planning and asset protection laws, even when life’s unexpected events occur.

Grief is often unavoidable. However, your foresight, today’s actions for tomorrow, and the legal planning around the future loss of their loved one can ease the pain of loss by providing security in financial and estate matters. This alleviates insecurities about what to do or what should happen next.

Reno Estate Planning Attorney

The estate planning attorneys at Kalicki Collier have developed a unique approach to estate planning in Reno, and should you require expert legal guidance for somewhere else in the state of Nevada, they’re the experts you should get in touch with.

Every client is unique and therefore every estate planning attorney reflects on the client’s individual needs and goals. Your Reno Estate Planning Attorney will spend hours with the client – if the situation calls for it – getting to know their hopes, fears, and expectations. Together, you can explore the many options that are available to achieve those goals and aspirations.

Asset Protection

Nevada is widely regarded as having the greatest asset protection laws in the country.

For anyone owning assets worth protecting, the implementation of appropriate asset protection strategies can keep you and your loved ones out of the court system.

Asset protection is the process of structuring your estate in a way that most effectively protects your assets from potential creditors. Our attorneys at Kalicki Collier are nationally known and respected for their vast knowledge of asset protection strategies and work with clients in a number of different states.

Reno Attorney

Trust Administration

Survivors of a trust may avoid the probate process, but will still need to administer the trust upon the death of a grantor.

This process can be very straightforward; but when things go wrong, it can be a disaster. Experienced attorneys can make the difference.

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