Estate Planning

A patient requiring a conservator because they’re incapable of making financial decisions on their own

How to Contest a Conservatorship and Win

It’s painful watching a loved one become incapacitated due to an illness or injury, especially if they have no power of attorney and have to rely on a court-appointed conservator to make vital health and financial decisions for them. Common situations that require conservatorship include dementia, Alzheimer’s, and coma.

What is estate planning and why is it important?

Estate planning is the process of managing an individual’s estate or asset base during his/her life and after death. It includes preserving, arranging, and distributing your estate to whom you want to receive them in the event of your incapacitation or death. Estate planning involves the settlement of estate taxes, expenses, and financial obligations to …

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What is a Trust Fund?

Trust funds have the reputation of being a financial planning and asset protection strategy that only the super-rich take advantage of. There is a misconception that a trust fund and the protection it ensures is beyond the need and means of the average worker, business owner or investor. This is simply not true. Trust funds …

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Who Needs Estate Planning?

When it comes to protecting you, your family and your hard-earned assets, estate planning should be an integral part of your overall financial plan. It may be common knowledge that estate planning 101 includes discussion of guardianship of minor children, transfer of assets or property to heirs, and leaving money to charity. However, estate planning …

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