Common Mistakes That Invalidate Wills

Drawing up a will is an important step for anyone who wants to communicate their wishes and intentions after death.  A will ensures that your ...
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When Does Estate Planning Come Into Effect?

Our own mortality is something no one wants to think about, so it’s quite normal that estate planning is one of those things that we ...
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Should I Leave a Will or a Trust? | Kalicki Collier

Wills and trusts are built around the unfortunate but realistic question—what happens to my valuables after I pass away? Wills and Trusts both deal with ...
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Buying a House Through Probate Court

For many first-time homebuyers with no pressing urgency or property investors, securing real estate ownership through probate court is a cost-effective way of obtaining property ...
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Estate Planning as a Business Owner

While the importance of personal estate planning is often emphasized and many people draft a last will and testament or establish a trust for their ...
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Tips for Maintaining a Respectable Probate Court

While wills and trusts detail a consistent and predictable path for assets to follow from the deceased's estate, probate court handles issues where this situation ...
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Steps to Establishing a Trust

While it seems like in the mainstream media, trust funds are reserved for the super rich, this is not the case in real life. There’s ...
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What Can Challenge a Will in Probate Court

While it is possible to avoid probate court with robust estate planning, many estates will go through a process where executors divide and share assets ...
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Grim Work — The Importance of Estate Planning

We all want to make an impact while we are around. We inevitably collect things we can’t take with us no matter how we live. ...
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When to update your estate planning – Infograph

Confused when to update your estate planning? Have a look below to know all the details:
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13 Estate Planning Terms You Need To Know

Planning for your death isn't just for the wealthy. It's something everyone should do. It can help you pass your estate to whomever you want ...
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The Difference between Wills and Trusts

There comes a time in everyone’s life, when they start to think about passing on their life’s hard work to the people or causes they ...
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A man standing in front of a wall of planning sheets

Why Estate Planning Shouldn’t Be Neglected

As human beings, a lot of us just don't like to think about the fact that we're bound to pass away someday. Our fear of ...
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An open ink pen lying on a piece of paper

5 Common Reasons Wills are contested

It's almost an unspoken rule of respect to honor the deceased's will, but certain challenges may cause a person with standing to contest a will. ...
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A divorce lawyer talking to a couple

Ways to Cope with Divorce Stress

Divorce can be painful for many people. It's even more painful if it's a result of a misunderstanding or dispute that you could have been ...
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A lawyer signing legal documents

4 Things That Are Wrong With Your Estate Planning

Death is unpredictable, which is why it’s important to hire an estate-planning attorney and make sure you've planned for everything beforehand. Not doing so can ...
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Tax Planning Attorney - Infograph

Tax Planning Attorney – Infograph

Whether it be a small local business or a large franchise, every organization needs a tax planning attorney. The below infograph highlights the benefits to ...
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An estate attorney signing documents

The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning for Couples

Whether you’re single or married, estate planning is essential if you wish to save your family from trouble after you pass away. It may seem ...
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How to form an estate plan when you have no children – Infograph

An estate plan is essential even if you don't have heirs or children. Have a look below to know how to form one in such ...
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Man picking out an estate plan file

Estate Planning—What Happens When You Have No Children?

Everyone needs an estate plan—even when they don’t have children or heirs. A will and testament is a legal document stating how an individual’s property ...
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Estate planning concept with a miniature house and keys on the side.

Getting Married Again? Use these Tips to Avoid Disinheriting Your Children after Remarriage

The rate of marriage in the US dropped among all age groups except the 55yrs and over crowd; many people in this age segment choose ...
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Reason to hire a probate lawyer - Infograph

Reasons to hire a probate lawyer – Infograph

Whether you are in charge of another person's estate or planning for your own future, there are many ways a probate lawyer can help. Have ...
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The Role of Digital Assets in Estate Planning

An estate plan will allow you to direct and control how your assets and your estate will be distributed if you become incapacitated or die. ...
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A man signing some documents

Establishing a Trust to Improve Your Estate Plan

Many people often hesitate to make an estate plan, even though it's crucial in protecting an individual’s assets in the event of their incapacitation or ...
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A lawyer sitting in her office

3 Common Mistakes in Estate Planning

Estate planning is a complex process and requires legal expertise and experience. An experienced estate planning attorney helps individuals develop a reliable estate plan so ...
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Why do you need to do business planning - Infograph

Why do you need to do business planning – Infograph

Here's why you need to do business planning;
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A pile of papers labeled "Last Will and Testament."

3 Reasons Why You Need a Will

Having a will is not just about protecting your assets and having your legal matters in order; it gives you the chance to ensure a ...
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A book titled probate law lying on a desk with a gravel

3 Common Misconceptions About Probate

Despite being one of the most straightforward legal processes, probate has a fairly bad reputation. To some, it's just a mystery; to a few, it's ...
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Two people discussing legal documents with two laptops on the desk

3 Reasons Why Estate Planning Is Important

While estate planning may sound like a fancy term for the absolute elite, it’s actually not just for them. In fact, anybody with any assets—not ...
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Estate Planning Infograph

Estate Planning – Infograph

Estate planning is a complicated process, which makes you vulnerable to mistakes. While its important, creating one that avoids these common pitfalls is essential. Have ...
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An individual from Nevada writing out their last will

What Happens If You Die Without A Will?

Of all the things that complicate the estate planning and probate process, dying without a will is on the top of the list. If you ...
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A blended family in Reno, Nevada

What Is Estate Planning Like for Blended Families?

If you're a part of a blended family and are planning your estate, here's a question you need to ask yourself: "After you have passed—would ...
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an attorney signing the probate documents

Easy Ways to Avoid Probate

Probate processes are costly, extensive, and time-consuming. The entire probate process is very public, which often makes it difficult to maintain the deceased's privacy and ...
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What to Look For in a Good Probate Attorney

In case of the unfortunate death of a close loved one, the question of who inherits what raises countless confusions, especially if the deceased failed ...
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Estate Planning Attorney: Reasons To Hire One

Once you hire an attorney to complete your estate's planning, you can rest assured that it's taken care of by a professional. You can have ...
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Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

A majority of people put off some very crucial life decisions until it's too late—whether this is due to a lack of being able to ...
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The Key Steps to Creating a Good Estate Plan

Any person who is a legal owner of a property is urged to create an estate plan. Its purpose is to distribute the deceased person’s ...
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a man signing a paper

The Role of an Executor in Probate

The role of an executor for a deceased person’s estate is a challenging one. It requires a lot of preparedness and qualification, mainly if one ...
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Acronyms And Jargon Used In Real Estate: An Essential Guide

Real estate is a booming business in the US. After all, who doesn’t need a place to stay, right? But as exciting as the prospect ...
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Property Damage And Falls – All The Things That Can Go Wrong

Becoming the proud owner of a property you’ve worked hard to obtain is a major milestone for many Americans. In fact, with so much chaos ...
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An estate planning attorney in a meeting

A Guide to Estate Planning For Single Parents

A single parent has many responsibilities, such as caring for their kids full-time, taking them to school, packing their lunch, helping them with homework, doing ...
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How Divorce Attorney Can Help You

The family court law system is quite complex. To get through you'll need a divorce attorney who will guide you about it and other numerous ...
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Reasons Why Parents Disinherit Their Children

Disinheritance occurs when a person legally excludes someone from their will. This includes spouses, children, and grandchildren. Here are some of the reasons why this ...
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signing estate planning documents

What Does A Probate Lawyer Do And Why Should You Hire One?

From making estate planning easier to settling your financial affairs after your demise, a probate lawyer keeps you from running into a lot of problems. ...
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scrabble tiles spelling probate

4 Common Grounds for Disinheritance

Disinheritance is when someone who would’ve otherwise received a gift from someone’s estate isn’t left anything. For instance, an individual expecting to get something from ...
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A patient requiring a conservator because they’re incapable of making financial decisions on their own

How to Contest a Conservatorship and Win

It’s painful watching a loved one become incapacitated due to an illness or injury, especially if they have no power of attorney and have to ...
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Rental Assistance Available for Small Businesses

If Covid-19 has taken a toll on your small business, you are not alone. With prolonged closures due to shutdowns and loss of revenue, one ...
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Estate Planning – Why Is It Necessary

If you haven't yet incorporated an estate plan into your overall financial plan, consider the following reasons on why it is necessary.  
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COVID-19 Sign

A Guide To Estate Planning Documents During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly has us all on edge. We’re forced to confront the worst of our fears—falling ill, losing a job, loneliness, and even ...
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What is estate planning and why is it important?

Estate planning is the process of managing an individual's estate or asset base during his/her life and after death. It includes preserving, arranging, and distributing ...
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Major differences between wills and trusts

The future depends on what you do today.” — Mahatma Gandhi It’s true. The decisions that you take now will decide the future of you ...
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Family Law

If you are getting a divorce, it is important that you understand some of the peculiarities of divorce and family law courts. Below we have ...
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Tax Planning with AB Trusts

American founding father Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, “in this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.” If you are a law abiding citizen, ...
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Some Tips to Completing a Successful Merger and Acquisition

"Mergers and acquisitions" is an umbrella term that refers to the process of one company either merging with or purchasing and acquiring another company. Mergers ...
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Top 5 Family Court and Divorce Tips

No one likes to discuss divorce. The word itself conveys a sense of the heartbreak that can occur when a family decides that it life ...
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Business Litigation

Before the modern age - before history even - business disputes were regularly settled by sword or stick or stone. They were rather violent affairs, ...
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What is a Trust Fund?

Trust funds have the reputation of being a financial planning and asset protection strategy that only the super-rich take advantage of. There is a misconception ...
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The Importance of a Power of Attorney

Although we don’t like to think about it, there may come a time when you become incapacitated from illness or other circumstances, leaving you unable ...
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Asset Protection Strategies

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of individuals and companies who would love to get their hands on your hard earned assets. The government, too, is ...
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Setting up a Trust to Protect Your Assets

Protecting your hard earned assets from ever increasing tax burdens and any unforeseen legal judgments against you is an essential part of a good asset ...
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Negotiating vs Litigating

Civil disputes between parties are usually resolved by informal negotiating, negotiating with mediation or litigation proceedings in the courtroom. Business, commercial and financial disputes, landlord ...
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Reasons to Avoid Probate Court

When you pass on, the last thing you want is for your grieving family to have to deal with the slow, grinding procedures of the ...
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Who Needs Estate Planning?

When it comes to protecting you, your family and your hard-earned assets, estate planning should be an integral part of your overall financial plan. It ...
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Why Everyone Should Avoid Lawsuits

Everyone knows that as a general rule, lawsuits should be avoided. But sometimes, when you suffer substantial damage to your person or your business, or, ...
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Tips to Keep Your Business Out of Court

Most business owners try to conduct business in a fair and honest way. But no matter how hard we try, eventually every business owner encounters a ...
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The Trust as Asset Management

As an estate planner, I am always advising my clients about the benefits of using a revocable living trusts. A trust can keep your loved ...
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The Myth of the Magic Book – Trusts and Estate Planning

There is a myth out there about trusts and estate planning that I would like to address today. I call it the myth of the ...
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The Value of the Attorney

Most business owners understand that attorneys serve a useful purpose when problems arise. And while this is undoubtedly true, most people don’t realize that the ...
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Business Breakup

Opening a new business is always a challenge. The thrill of creating something of value is both exhilarating and terrifying. Many budding entrepreneurs chose to ...
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Domestic Self-Settled Asset Protection Trust

Most states prohibit so-called 'self-settled' asset protection trusts, or a trust you establish yourself for your benefit, yet which purports to protect the trust assets ...
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Post Fiscal Cliff – Changes to Estate and Gift Tax

As most people are aware by now, on January 1, 2013, the United States Congress passed a bill that allegedly keeps us all from falling ...
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Ensuring Income Tax Deferral for Retirement Plan Beneficiaries

Some of the most generous provisions of the tax code are those that permit beneficiaries of IRAs and other qualified retirement plans to defer income ...
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Planning for IRAs and 401ks

For most families, the largest retirement investment they have are the assets housed in IRAs and 401ks. As an estate and tax planner, I love ...
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Planning for Digital Assets

When we think of estate planning we usually think of planning for traditional assets – Real estate, cash, investments, etc… But we now live in ...
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Contracts, Read Them

No business can exist without contracts. Contracts provide structure to every transaction. From everyday interactions with customers and vendors to defining relationships between business partners, ...
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Trust for Kids

Last time we talked about the need to protect your kids and the importance of naming guardians. Today I would like to discuss the importance ...
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The Limited Liability Company: LLC

In prior segments, I have introduced you to the advantages of the revocable living trust and how it can be used to allow your loved ...
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Why Do We Plan?

I’ve spoken a great deal about the need for estate planning and how it can protect your assets for you and your family. But often ...
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Protecting Your IRA for Your Loved Ones

Everyone knows the value of the IRA or 401k in saving for retirement. In addition to providing tremendous tax advantages, qualified plans also provide substantial ...
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The Change in Estate Planning

As you all know, I am an estate planning attorney. The goal of my practice is to keep my clients out of court, protect their ...
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What Paul Walker Can Teach Us About Estate Planning

In past segments I have discussed the value of estate planning and why it is usually the most important legal work anyone will ever do. ...
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The True Cost of Estate Planning

A very common question new estate planning clients will often ask is – why should I work with an attorney. Why would I pay more ...
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Costs of Long Term Care

The focus of my segments has always been about asset protection. Things you should be doing right now to protect your assets from creditors and ...
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