Contracts, Read Them

No business can exist without contracts. Contracts provide structure to every transaction. From everyday interactions with customers and vendors to defining relationships between business partners, contracts are critical. But how many of us actually read the contracts we are signing? As a lawyer, a great deal of my clients come to me to resolve issues …

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Trust for Kids

Last time we talked about the need to protect your kids and the importance of naming guardians. Today I would like to discuss the importance of protecting your assets for your kids. Leaving your assets to your kids while they are minors is a tragedy. Kids will take under UGMA, which means – assets will …

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Why Do We Plan?

I’ve spoken a great deal about the need for estate planning and how it can protect your assets for you and your family. But often times these concerns miss the real reason everyone needs an estate plan. Indeed, the greatest gift you can give to your family is the ability to keep their relationships with …

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